20141105-there and back AND

In July, 2014 I left my full time job for a few reasons. On the surface, it was to pursue a career teaching film and video production. Deep down, possibly the most important reason, but unrealized at the time, stemmed from the desire to create something which resonated within me.

My ideas didn’t come naturally, they were forced, strained, and, frankly, awful. Two months later, I found myself in Alaska dreaming about riding my motorcycle to the edge of a glacier and back, across hundreds of miles of dirt and frost-cracked asphalt, to a small fishing village deep inside the Arctic Circle. From this dream, an idea began to spread into what would become There & Back.

There & Back isn’t just a motorcycle program, but it explores the relationship of motorcycles to cultures around our world. It isn’t just a travel series, but will highlight countries and people met along the way. There & Back is a journey. It’s the asphalt stretching through tundra to Deadhorse, the dirt twisting along the Ganges, and the sand of the Kalahari. It’s the sights and sounds. It’s an escape from the 9-to-5 on the back of a motorcycle.

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